Let your dog make some squeaky music with the Fringe Studio’s PetShop Beats Llama Plush Toy!

Lil’ Llama Beats is a creative and musical llama that loves to listen to his radio and bop to the beat in his hip and cool style! Beats can make his own music with the extra loud squeaker hidden inside him to make music with your dog as they play all day long. Soft and plush, this adorable llama plush toy doubles as a bedtime buddy and pillow for your pet to rest on after a fun day of music.

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  • Snuggly and squeaky llama plush toy for dogs with stylish hat and radio
  • Comes with a single extra loud squeaker to engage your pet in play
  • Plush material for bedtime cuddles
  • Ideal for medium-sized dogs

Colour: White

Dimensions: Approx. 30.5cm x 23cm

Make your dog’s day extra fun and exciting with the Fringe Studio Beats Llama Plush & Squeaky Toy!

Toy Box Lil Llama Beats Dog Toy