The first harness of it's kind to address the issue of pulling. For heavy pullers

Provides a gentle stimulus under the dog's legs.  The halter diverts pressure from the dog's neck.

Sherpa Sleeves to prevent any rubbing.

The collar can be worn separately for everyday use

With proper fitting will ensure the halter will function and wear properly.

Now you can have an enjoyable walk with your dog!

Training halter comes in Black only

Sizing Recommendations
Small: 22-30cm (9-12 inch) neck and approximately 3.6-11kg (8-25 pounds)
Medium: 30-43cm (12-17 inch) neck and approximately 11.3-27kg (25-60 pounds)
Large: 40-60cm (16-24 inch) neck and approximately 27-40kg (60-90 pounds)
Extra Large: 58-83cm (23-33 inch)  neck and over 40kg (over 90 pounds)

Sporn Training Halter