Your small animal will have plenty of fun and exercise with the new range of Pet One Small Animal Tunnels. Whether it’s for your rabbit or pocket pet, Pet One has got you covered with 3 different sized tunnels to suit your pets’ species.

Simply extend the tunnel and bend it to your desired shape and watch them go. For even more fun, connect two or more tunnels for an even longer tunnel!

• Fun exercise for your pet
• Extendable and formable
• Easy to clean and hygienic
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• 20cm in diameter and 80cm when fully extended
• Made from non – toxic plastic

Suitable for: Rabbits

Available in different sizes & colours:

  • 20195GR - Tunnel Rabbit Burrow 20cm Dia X 80cm L Green
  • 20194R - Tunnel Critter Tunnel 15cm Dia X 80cm L Red
  • 20192Y - Tunnel Mouse Maze 5cm Dia X 35cm L Yellow

Pet One Tunnel Burrow