Pet One Small Animal Igloos is an ideal hideaway for small animals such as Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice and Ferrets to feel safe and secure.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Providing constant access to hiding places within your small animal’s home allows them to safe and secure
  • Base-free design provides easy access to your small animal
  • Encourages natural behaviour such as nesting and burrowing
  • Constructed from durable plastic
  • Available in various sizes and styles

Suitable for: Guinea Pigs, Mice and Ferrets

  • 20462GR - Small Animal Hide Plastic Igloo (M) 19X16.6X9.3CM) Green
  • 20462BL - Small Animal Hide Plastic Igloo (M) 19X16.6X9.3CM) Blue
  • 20463BL - Small Animal Hide Plastic Igloo (L) 30x26.5x14cm Blue
  • 20463GR - Small Animal Hide Plastic Igloo (L) 30x26.5x14cm Green
  • 20480 - Igloo Hideaway Small Animal Blue S 26.5w X 28d X 17cm H
  • 20481 - Igloo Hideaway Small Animal Red L 40w X 31d X 23cm H

Pet One Small Animal Igloos