Outward Hound Invincibles Tough Skinz are made with durable Invincibles Squeakers that Keep Squeakin’ If Punctured and feature exotic animal skin prints and patterns! Tough Skinz are as durable as they are adorable and sport a colourful top layer of strong material backed with our super strong Chew Shield. With strong stitched seams and tough construction, these durable plush toys are great for super chewers and players.

REAL RATTLE: It wouldn’t be a rattlesnake if the tail on this tough plush dog toy didn’t rattle! Every time you shake, toss, play and pull with this toy, a surprising rattle will come right from the tail.

WILD FUN: Doggies beware, these Invincibles Skinz Rattlesnakes are totally tough for playtime and built with Invincibles Squeakers that Keep Squeakin’ When Punctured and their printed patterns and rattling tales are inspired by real rattlesnakes!

SNAKEBITE STRONG: Each Outward Hound Invincibles Skinz Snake is made with a durable chew shield and heavy-duty binding adding an extra layer of strength to playtime.

HEADS AND TAILS: From head to tail this durable dog toy is built for fun! Complete with a squeaking head and a rattling tail, there is no end to the fun your pup can have with this toy!

Outward Hound Tough Skinz Cobra