The ultimate, orthopaedic bed designed and built to last. The high-density memory foam base is load-bearing, so contours perfectly to the dog's body without any sinking. Raised cushy frame panels create a snuggly comfort barrier and act as a cushy support for your dogs head. Your dog will be day-dreaming all day long in this bed! Read our dogs review of this bed right here.


Width: 76cm 
Depth: 61cm 
Height: 15cm

Width: 89cm 
Depth: 76cm 
Height: 15cm

Width: 110cm
Depth: 93cm 
Height: 15cm



The cover is fully removable for easy washing.

  • Un-zip cover and remove inner foam sections (keep aside)
  • Gentle machine wash in cool water using mild detergent
  • Air dry - do not tumble dry as this may cause the cover to shrink

Our cute models are on the Medium size bed.

Kazoo Wombat Bed