Dog IQ Puzzle - Brain training Game
The iQuties active learning toys provide dogs with the mental stimulation they need. Dogs receive a reward for their achievement of sniffing out a treat hidden in the compartments.

Reward your dog's intellectual achievement.
The iQuties Slot 'n' Lever Puzzle is a dog toy that will challenge mental skill with a tasty little payoff. 
2 lever wheels open flaps to reveal hidden treats and 2 sliding discs also conceal 3 small round treat cups 

Great fun for higher-IQ dogs, which tend to bore quickly. 

Features of the iQuties Slot 'n' Lever: 
• 2 Lever Wheels open flaps to reveal treats
• 2 sliding discs conceal 3 small treat cups
• Provides dogs with the mental stimulation they need to flourish 
• Helps prevent boredom and related negative behaviour 
• Sturdy compressed wooden construction

Size Information for the Slot n Lever Puzzle
23cm diameter x 3cm high.
Please do not leave these toys alone with your dog if you think they will chew it, or they are destructive.

iQuties Slot 'n' Lever Dog Toy