Bottoms up for all-day squeaky and crunchy fun! The Fringe Studio Wet Nose Whiskey Plush Dog Toy comes in a fun novelty bottle-shaped design. This toy comes with both a squeaker and crinkle paper inside to give your dog double the textures and sounds to stay entertained for hours. Plush and soft, this whiskey bottle may find its way in your dog’s pet bed every night for cuddles! Bond with your pet by enjoying tossing and fetching games with this versatile plush and squeaky dog toy.

  • Unique novelty plush dog toy shaped like a whiskey bottle - a great gift for pets and pet parents who love spirits!
  • Comes with a loud squeaker and crinkle paper inside for mentally stimulating textures and sounds your dog loves
  • Stuffed plush toy made with soft material for gentle play and bedtime cuddles
  • Can be used for more interactive play like tossing and fetching
  • Ideal size for all dogs to enjoy

Size: 26.5cm height x 11.5cm width x 11.5cm diameter


Fringe Toy Box Wet Nose Whiskey