Get the “pear-fect” dog toy collection for your pet with the Fringe Studio Fruit Plush Small Dog Toy 3-Piece Set!

Give your dog a good dose of sweet fun with the Fringe Studio 3-Piece Fruit Small Plush Dog Toy Set! This miniature toy collection features a plush banana, grape bunch, and pear for a variety of fruits to enjoy. Each toy includes a single squeaker and can even be used with compatible hide-and-seek dog toy puzzles for extra entertainment for your pet. These small dog toy sets are also great for multi-pet homes.

Be sure to get the Fringe Studio Veggies 3-Piece Dog Toy Set with the Fruits for a completely balanced diet of fun for your dog!


  • 3-pack small plush and squeaky dog toy set featuring fun fruits!
  • A single loud squeaker in each plush fruit toy to keep your pet entertained
  • Can be used with hide-and-seek dog toys and puzzle games for more mentally stimulating activities
  • Stuffed toys for soft and gentle playtime
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs and great for multi-pet homes

Set Includes: Banana, Grape, Pear


Banana: Approximately 13.5cm (height) x 10cm (width)

Grape: Approximately 15cm (height) x 9.5cm (width)

Pear: Approximately 12.5cm (height) x 9.5cm (width)


Make the Fringe Studio Fruit Plush 3-Piece Small Dog Toy Set the apple of your pet’s eye for all-day entertainment!

Fringe Toy Box 3 Pack Fruit Mini Toy Set