Keep the little guys warm and cozy during those colder months with one of our 2.5 watt Heat Matz.

Completely safe to use with the Liferingz on hard surfaces.

With Built In Thermostat Safety Switch.

Special Notes:

If you are using the heat mat under a glass tank please use
the rubber feet included so it is raised slightly to allow
adequate air flow
• Once Heat Matz is in placed please monitor the inside
temperature of the home.
• Your Krabooz will require a heat mat when the room
temperature consistently falls below 70 Fahrenheit / 21 Celsius.
• Turn off heat mat if the room temperature is
consistently above 90 Fahrenheit / 32 Celcius
• Use the Krabooz Hygrometer and Thermometer to best gauge
the Temperature and Humidity of your Krabooz Home.
• Do Not Remove Heat mat once attached as this could cause
damage for future use
• Do Not Use with any water tanks or aquariums in any way.
• Do Not use on wood or metal surfaces
• Do Not cover the heat mat that could lead to decreased
ventilation always allow the heat to escape.
• Do not place you home where it
will receive direct sun

Risk of Electrical Shock. Not to be mounted to
metal or wood surfaces. Do not use if your heat
mat shows any signs of damage or deterioration
(cracked, split or signs of melting).

Krabooz Heat Mats